Tennis Express Clinics

Our popular Tennis Express Clinics return again during the first week of May!

The Tennis Express Clinics run for 4 weeks and there is a maximum of 4 people per group as each session consists of detailed technical work of specific shots.

All sessions are lead by Head Tennis Coach Martyn Bailey who is a level 4 LTA Senior Performance Coach.

To find out more or to book please speak to a member of our Island Wellness Club team by calling 01983 766222 or email

Cost per clinic £25 Members £30 Non Members


Starting Wednesday 1st May: 1 – 2pm

Improving the tennis serve is a key aspect to gaining success in competition and match play. Every tennis player wants to improve their serve, and the inability to hit consistent and effective serves often leads to inaccuracy and therefore the dreaded double faults which be frustrating to many players. However, once someone feels comfortable with this shot, it can completely change a players mindset. Players can go from worrying about an upcoming match to looking forward with excitement towards their next challenge. Improving the tennis serve involves learning the correct technique, strategy and mindset. Learn top tips and secrets to success at this clinic.


Starting Thursday 2nd May: 6 – 7pm

Backhand made easy! Improve your backhand with our top tips in the Backhand Clinic. Learn to drive the ball through the court and create a greater sense of control of the backhand. The backhand in the game of tennis is typically weaker than the forehand – both at club level and pro level tennis. Turn your backhand into a weapon!


Starting Saturday 4th May: 11 – 12 noon

“Racket out in front”, “Too much swing”. These are all phrases that you hear coaches say time and time again. This 4 -week course will teach the fundamentals of hitting an effective volley along with dispelling some of the myths that are associated with this shot. Start to feel more comfortable at the net and this will help with building and finishing points to gain greater success!

Cost for the 4 week clinic:

£25 Member (for the 4 sessions)

£30 Non Member (for the 4 sessions)

Call our Island Wellness Club & Spa team to find out more or book your space on 01983 766222