Warm up in one of our spin classes!

As the nights draw in and the temperature continues to drop, it’s time to bring your cycle training indoors.  If the thought of turbo training or roller sessions makes your heart sink – why not give our spin fit classes a try?  Training alongside others is much more inspiring and motivational than training alone in your garage!

NEW PowerSpin: give our new class a try! It’s a fun class with a real mixture of speed and power intervals, perfect for anyone looking to keep fit this winter. The class is for all levels and abilities and this structured workout targets the energy systems and power demands of actual cycling, so closely mimics a real ride.

We have a class every day of the week, so you can really mix your training up with no danger of workout fatigue or bordem. Choose from HIIT Spin, Lunchtime Spin, Spin & Abs, Spin & Circuit, Endurance HIIT Spin, pure Spinning, and our new PowerSpin sessions. Take a look at the full programme here.

Spinning is a great class to get motivated and get the endorphins flowing. Plus, you can burn anywhere from 600-plus calories depending on your intensity and how long you’re in the saddle. Still not convinced? Here are 7 reasons you should learn to love spinning….

1. It’s low impact: Spinning is one of the best low impact exercises you could ever try. If you’re recovering from injury or you’re worried about stress fractures, you want to look for something that doesn’t involve the constant pounding into the gravel or the floor. Running and dance workouts both involve some type of impact on your legs. With spinning, your ankles and your knees will thank you. All you do is pop your legs into the bike’s stirrups and start peddling away. So, cycling is a great way to get the cardio in, but have the least impact on your joints since it keeps the pressure off of your knees and feet.

2. You choose the effort you put in: Spinning is the best type of exercise for all levels. The bikes have a resistance on them. You can choose that resistance setting and the speed that you go. Just because the instructor seems to go a million miles per hour doesn’t mean that you have to join in. You get to push yourself to your maximum effort, without worrying what anyone else is doing. Nobody will know what resistance you’ve set your bike to – and quite honestly, nobody will care. This is about your personal workout and your abilities.

3. You’ll get the energy you need to give 100% the whole workout: From the instructors to the music, a good spin class never seems to have a dull moment. You’re going to come and have an instructor who’s giving 120 percent and that’s contagious.

4. You’ll get a full-body workout — not just legs! While spinning is great for your legs, different methods are focusing on giving riders more of a total-body burn. We have recently introduced our popular HIIT Spin workout which allows you to continue burning calories hours after your class.

5. No need to remember choreography: There are no dance steps to learn. You just peddle your legs as fast as you can and push up the resistance when instructed. It really is that easy mentally. You don’t need grace, poise, or balance. For all the people out there who are self-conscious about dancing or a lack rhythm, you don’t need any of this for spinning. Just pedal a bicycle – you’re not on display for the finesse of your movements.

6. It’s one of the best calorie burning classes: Many spinners burn around 600 calories in a 60-minute class. That’s almost double the amount burned in most other exercises classes. It’s not all about the calories either. The workouts encourage the body to burn away fat. You’ll find yourself fitter and more toned within weeks of trying out your first class.

7. It’s addictive: If you want a workout that you feel excited about before each class, then spinning classes are for you. This is one of those workouts that soon becomes addictive, and there are multiple reasons for that. It’s mostly about the energy. You get to have some fun while you burn a lot of calories. You can focus on getting fit and pushing yourself to the max, without getting bored by the lack of variety. On top of that, you leave the class really energised for the rest of the day. You just can’t wait to get those euphoric feelings again. You could find you’re going to three or four classes a week because it’s so addictive!

We have one or more spin classes every day of the week, and there is a spin class to suit everyone. Take a look at our programme or give our team a call to find out which class is best for you; 01983 766 222.