Introducing Scentered…

We are delighted to have launched Scentered here at The West Bay Club & Spa.  A collection of 100% natural, portable aromatherapy balms, the six different therapeutic grade essential oil blends have been developed to help you stay centred, no matter where you are or what life throws at you…

Scentered increases confidence and resilience. A powerful mindfulness tool, the balms encourage you to take a moment for yourself, breathe deeply and reset your mood, leaving you less stressed, more focused, better rested and ultimately with renewed positivity and energy to get through the day.

Scentered helps you to make life a little easier, through the support of practical, stylish and effective mood therapy products to restore lifestyle balance. The range delivers mindful tools to complement mindful habits, empowering moments to take back control leading to less stress and anxiety; staying focused.


A comforting and calming balm to warm the heart and restore inner peace. Reach for LOVE when you are feeling overwhelmed, emotionally drained or simply out of sorts. A beautiful fragrance to relax and unwind with, and the next best thing to a hug!


An evocative and luxurious balm to indulge and pamper the senses. Apply ESCAPE whenever you yearn for more exotic climes, need a bit of cheering up or crave a few precious moments for yourself. The perfect way to recharge your batteries, gain perspective or inspiration, or let go of everyday frustrations or worries. Be inspired, and creativity and action will follow. Also an excellent aid to meditation or yoga practice.


The hero product – a balancing and uplifting balm to ease everyday tensions, soothe the mind and lift the spirits. Take comfort in DE-STRESS when dealing with the demands of modern life, whether it’s a hard day at work, family or personal commitments, or the eternal juggle to keep it all in balance. A 100% natural therapy balm to help keep you centred, no matter where you are or what life throws at you.


A deeply therapeutic balm to relax the body, clear the head and quieten the mind, with a sophisticated oriental floral lavender blend of fourteen different essential oils. A 100% natural, portable therapy balm to support restful, restorative sleep at home or away. Life is so much better when you sleep well!


A stimulating balm to clear the head, awaken the senses and focus the mind. Apply FOCUS before an important meeting, event, sports match, exam, performance or whenever else you need to be mentally alert, fully present and engaged. FOCUS helps you adopt the right frame of mind to perform to the best of your ability. Not recommended for use less than 2 hours before going to bed


BE HAPPY is quote simply ‘sunshine in a stick’ – perfect for days when you’re feeling less than your best and in need of an extra lift. A natural way to brighten your day, lift your mood and boost positivity.

The full range of Scentered balms are now available at our Island Wellness Spa. Please do ask our team to give them a try the next time you are here and our team can help recommend the best balm or combination of balms to suit your needs.

See you soon!