Tea-sing some new blends at the Wellness Café…

We’re excited to introduce you to a whole new range of herbal teas, now available at The Wellness Café! For thousands of years, different blends of herbs, spices and leaves have been used in tea for their health benefits. From soothing anxiety to helping you fight off a cold, there’s a natural, restorative blend for every ailment!

We’ve chosen a wide selection of new teas to try, and categorised them based on their benefit to you! Read on to find out more about some of our favourites:


Detox – Famed for its ability to soothe digestion, aniseed is a key herb in this detoxifying blend. Assisted by the warming carminative effects of cardamom seeds, it also helps to clear mucus. Fennel, coriander and celery seeds help with the elimination of inflammatory toxins and uric acid from the blood and flush the urinary system.


Elderberry and Echinacea – Blended with both echinacea root and leaf to boost the natural function of protection, this renowned immune tonic has stimulating and warming qualities to enhance vitality. Freeze dried elderberries are cell protectors famed for their antiviral and antioxidant properties. Acerola, rosehip berry and blackcurrant flavour are packed with natural Vitamin C to promote longevity and support a fulsome immune response. This blend includes other immune-supporting herbs such as elderflower and aniseed to clear excess mucus and ginger root and peppermint leaf to warm and soothe the digestion.


Motherkind Pregnancy – A lovingly blended tea to support a healthy and successful pregnancy. Shatavari is a herb renowned in the Ayurvedic tradition as a powerful uterine tonic for boosting female health and vitality. It strengthens and nourishes the uterus, creating a healthy environment for growing a foetus. It is also a powerful rejuvenative tonic for female fertility. This blend also includes raspberry leaf, nettle and peppermint leaf to provide comfort and nourishment for both mother and baby.


Three Fennel – With sweet fennel seed from Turkey, bitter fennel seed from Bulgaria and fennel leaf from the English countryside, this blend creates a soothing and balancing tea to restore harmony in the body. It is traditionally known to calm digestive spasms in the gut, reduce bloating and abdominal discomfort.


Revitalise – A spicy blend of cinnamon bark, cardamom seed and ginger root that works in harmony to clear mucus and stimulate a sluggish digestion. This warming formula also incorporates green tea, black pepper, elderflower and orange peel, to balance the whole digestive system and restore vitality.

For more information, or to see the full range of blends available, speak to our Wellness Café team!