And… breathe: 3 key benefits of meditation

‘Meditation allows us to master the mind, after we have mastered the body. It is believed that after we have mastered our minds, we can master our lives.’ – Jenny Andrews-Smith, Yoga Instructor and Therapist

The use of meditation as a health-boosting activity has exploded in recent years, with the practice being cited as something of a cure-all. Fans of meditation claim that it reduces stress and anxiety, can act as a form of pain relief, reduce blood pressure and many more. The phenomenon has become so popular, it even has its own dedicated ‘day’ –  The 15th of May is World Meditation Day!

But how many of these claims hold true? We’ve done some digging and highlighted 3 of the key benefits this ancient practice can bring you:

  • Busts stress

Meditation can help you to acknowledge and process difficult emotions healthily, leading to a reduction in stress. Studies have shown that meditation can even produce marked improvements in conditions like anxiety and panic disorders.

  • Improves sleep

People who meditate regularly fall asleep quicker, and stay asleep for longer than those who don’t, according to a USVA healthcare study. Meditation encourages calmness and releases muscle tension, helping you to relax. Experienced practitioners are also able to better control racing thoughts and busy brains, which can translate into extra Z’s. Who wouldn’t want a few extra minutes in bed?!

  • Boosts your attention span

Focusing your attention for minutes at a time is the psychological equivalent of lifting weights for your attention span. Meditation encourages you to practice redirecting and reorienting your attention, leading to improvements in concentration.

Make sure to give it a try this World Meditation Day!