Yoga Rehabilitation with Jenny Andrews-Smith

Yoga increases flexibility, improves posture, boosts fitness and tones muscles. Through practice you can learn to quieten the mind, reduce stress and increase your ability to focus.

Learning the correct yoga relaxation techniques will flood the body with oxygen and as a result the muscles will release and the body will be able to fight fatigue. At the end of a class a student should feel ‘worked’ but at the same time should be in a relaxed and peaceful state.

At the West Bay Country Club & Spa we offer a wide range of yoga classes and courses – Hatha, Ashtanga, Restorative and Hot Yoga – there is something for everyone irrespective of age, ability or current fitness level. We also offer private lessons on a One-to-One or One-to-Two basis.

Yoga therapy or rehabilitation is a form of therapy that treats the body as a whole – focussing on disease within the whole body, rather than individual parts of the body. It’s conducted in a holistic way to bring balance and health.

A series of therapeutic exercises and tools are used, including pranayama (breath control), joint freeing, hip and shoulder balancing techniques, yoga asanas (postures), shiatsu massage, body alignment skills, meditation and yoga nidra. It also creates an awareness of dietary requirements and how diet affects the whole body.

It’s practiced to help bring the body back into balance after injury and illness – whether physical or emotional; and presents the client with a series of tools to maintain their health and well-being to enhance and improve their health and lifestyle.

To find out more or book, speak to Jenny Andrews-Smith or email