Spring Clean & Boost Your Vitality!

The West Bay Coffee House has launched a very popular monthly juice programme, offering a delicious selection of health and vitality boosting fresh juices.

After a long, hard winter of cold weather, dull days and dark mornings and evenings, vitality can reach its lowest ebb – so now is the perfect time to cleanse and boost your wellbeing with a fresh vitality-stimulating juice.

The new Dr. Juice recipe is the perfect spring clean tonic. Packed with blood-purifying, body-cleansing and vitality-stimulating ingredients…don’t be fooled by the ingredients – it tastes absolutely delicious!

Golden delicious apples x 2
Broccoli stem 3cm chunk
Celery ½ stalk
Cucumber ¼ medium
Spinach 1 large handful
Lemon ¼
Fresh ginger root 1cm chunk
Ice cubes 1 handful

Next time you are at The West Bay Country Club & Spa, why not pop into the Coffee House and give our new fresh juices a try?