Liz Earle Naturally Active Facials

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With over 20 years of botanical beauty expertise, Liz Earle Naturally Active’s multi award-winning skincare harnesses the power of the finest quality naturally active ingredients that really work, whatever your age, stage in life or skin type.

Founder of the Island Wellness Spa, Kim Buckland also launched the multi-award winning Liz Earle Naturally Active brand with her great friend Liz Earle in 1995.

“I could not be happier; the Island is home to both brands and we share so many synergies it seems only natural to come together in what we see as a perfect partnership.”

As a brand, Liz Earle believe that regular facials are a beauty must-have and just as important as your daily ‘cleanse, tone and moisturise’ routine. A facial every six to eight weeks will give you personal time to relax and restore your wellbeing, as well as healthy-looking, glowing skin.

When you purchase a course of three Liz Earle Naturally Active facials at the Island Wellness Spa, you’ll receive a complimentary Liz Earle Eucalyptus and Rosemary candle (worth £40) as a special thank you. For more details, click here.

Healthy Beautiful Skin Facial

A truly unique experience, our luxury facial is the perfect boost for your skin and your spirits. Incorporating the perfect naturally active skincare for your skin type, our holistic facial includes 30 minutes of intensive massage, allowing the potent powers of the finest botanicals to restore the beauty of your skin while targeting concerns such as uneven tone, congestion and the visible signs of ageing.

60 minutes£90

The Liz Earle Signature Facial

The ultimate bespoke facial, this deep-cleansing treatment ensures exceptional results for every skin type. Traditional hands-on methods are combined with the use of non-invasive skincare technology such as steaming and vacuum suction and intensive massage from our expert therapists. Lasting a luxurious hour and a half, enjoy a pampering neck and shoulder massage and your choice of foot, scalp or additional shoulder massage, while the naturally active products help to revitalise your complexion.

90 minutes£120

Liz Earle Superskin Botanical Lift Facial

Designed to help ‘slow the ticking’, this luxurious treatment uses advanced deep tissue sculpting techniques to lift, plump and refresh the skin, toning and smoothing muscles to bring a youthful-looking radiance and vitality to the face. During this revitalising ‘facial workout’, your therapist will perform a specially selected sequence of high-performance massage movements which work holistically to release facial tension while boosting muscle tone to lift facial contours. Combined with the power of our botanically charged Superskin™collection, you’ll not only see a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, but an improvement in tone and condition, helping you achieve a visibly rejuvenated and youthful-looking complexion.

50 minutes£120

Liz Earle Pure Radiance Facial

Created exclusively for The Island Wellness Spa, the Pure Radiance Facial is more than just a facial. Using a holistic approach, the super-light expert touch of our therapists’ hands will deeply relax, leaving you feeling calm and in a state of total bliss, as they work in natural synergy with the lymphatic system to purify and soothe the skin. This hands-on, technology-free treatment, with 20 minutes of rhythmical touch, will help ease puffiness and congestion, stimulating circulation to encourage a natural-looking glow. Liz Earle’s coveted range of naturally active skincare works its magic throughout this soul-soothing treatment – suitable for those with stressed or problem-prone skin showing signs of sensitivity, breakouts and general imbalance.

45 minutes£60