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Berry Bliss!

One of they keys to healthy eating is focusing on nutritional density, and berries are the most nutritionally dense fruits out there, loaded with antioxidants such as flavonoids and antioxidant vitamins.  Here’s 5 reasons to load your diet with more berries… Great for your heart: In a 2011 study, consuming just one serving of blueberries a … Read more

Yoga at West Bay

Yoga increases flexibility, improves posture, boosts fitness and tones muscles. Through practice you can learn to quieten the mind, reduce stress and increase your ability to focus. You become very aware of yourself, so you are able to self heal and prevent disease within your body. Learning the correct yoga relaxation techniques will flood the body … Read more

Your Free Health MOT

Self care is the new health care!  Are you aware of your general health, fitness and wellbeing levels? Have you reached a plateau in your training or need new motivation? Are you looking to set measurable goals to track improvements? Our Health MOT is here to help. As a Country Club member you can book in … Read more

West Bay Active Kids Parties

  Get the party started with one of our NEW West Bay Active Kids Parties. Kids parties can be hard to organise! We have the solution – whether it’s for a princess, a pirate, a footballer or a superhero, get the kids ready for a party they’ll never forget at one of our Active Kids Parties… … Read more

Time for a Digital Detox!

It’s time to log off… Give yourself a much needed break from the hectic nature of modern day life and reap the benefits of a digital detox… It’s time to unplug… Stay with us for a short break and unplug from technology to benefit from increased mindfulness, improved sleep, lowered anxiety and reduced stress. With the slower … Read more

Foodie Paradise

With long hours of sunshine, rich and fertile soils and its southerly location, the Isle of Wight is a foodie paradise! Around our shores you will find foraged, seasonal and home-made delicacies, crab shacks, farm shops and roadside produce stands – all providing food fresh from our soil and seas. At West Bay we love… The … Read more

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