Healthy habits fit people live by

A few simple everyday choices can make a big difference to your overall wellbeing. Don’t know where to start? Here’s five simple tips that are super easy to incorporate into your daily routine…

Keep a glass of water on your bedside table: Hydrating first thing in the morning is incredibly important, and the best way to ensure that happens is to keep a nice tall glass of water on your nightstand. Drinking water first thing in the morning helps cleanse your digestive system and prepare it for the day.

Take a lunch break walk: Research shows that an overwhelming number of people are deficient in vitamin D. The vitamin is responsible for not only strengthening your bones but also for helping to boost your mood and immunity. One of the best ways to get more D is to simply step outside. Ever notice some of your coworkers slipping out for 30 minutes during lunch? They’ve got it right. Getting more vitamin D can help you be happier and boost your immunity too.

Count colours, not calories: Not all calories are created equal. A handful of almonds versus the same amount of calories in potato chip form has a tremendously different effect on your body. While keeping portions under control is crucial to keeping weight at bay, one of the best ways to put together a well-balanced plate is actually by observing the variety of colors before you. Filling your dish with greens and reds and yellows will help you craft a nutrient-rich meal that will help fuel your body better for your workouts, muscle recovery, and weight loss.

Schedule workouts into your diary in advance: If you just let your week and each day get started and unfold randomly, it will get ahead of you before you know it and you will be too busy and too tired to workout. If you’ve already signed up and booked your spot on a class, you’re more likely to do it! We all have lazy days, but scheduling in your workouts helps ensure you won’t skip them.

Snack intelligently: Snacking itself is not the enemy; it’s the way in which you snack that is key. Snacking not only keeps your metabolism fired up, but it helps keep your hunger and energy levels steady throughout the day. The key here is in the preparation so that you can snack smart and not give in to impulsive unhealthy snacks. Pre-prepare healthy snacks like a chopped apple and handful of almonds and keep them in your bag for healthy snacking on-the-go.