Time for a Digital Detox!

It’s time to log off…

Give yourself a much needed break from the hectic nature of modern day life and reap the benefits of a digital detox… It’s time to unplug…

Stay with us for a short break and unplug from technology to benefit from increased mindfulness, improved sleep, lowered anxiety and reduced stress. With the slower pace of life and beautiful surroundings here on The Island, it’s the perfect place to simply ‘stop’ and enjoy the simple life for a few days…


Many of us feel unbalanced as a result of being glued to our smartphones all day. We all need a good break once in a while to allow our frazzled brains to recover. Disconnect from your digital devices for just a day or two and have a proper break from everything.



Leaving from a short break with us, you will immediately be able to feel the huge benefits enjoyed from disconnecting for a while. Our ‘always on’ culture makes it hard to fully disconnect, but give it a go and you’ll return back to the world refreshed and restored.




Soak it all in…
The beautiful scenery that we enjoy across our Island home is a fantastic antidote to the stress of modern day life – fresh sea air, dramatic countryside views and beautiful sunsets…just sit back and take it all in.



…and breathe
Embrace body and mind with one of our holistic studio classes, including Mindful Yoga and Yoga4Health.  By treating the body as a whole, these classes will leave you feeling calm, energised and balanced.




Polarity balance
Allow yourself some restful, peaceful time-out to receive a healing mind and body balance. When you’re feeling stressed or generally out of sorts, this is a really effective treatment that helps your body and mind relax and find its natural equilibrium.



Soul food
Our Bay Bistro team develop a weekly selection of Detox Specials that include fresh nourishing juices, smoothies and scrumptious salads, mains and fish dishes. This really is feel good food!




Liz Earle Retreat

For the ultimate passport to wellbeing, for just £90 you can book yourself a Liz Earle retreat.  Enjoy a Mini, Day or Two Day retreat  – the perfect way to relax, recharge and restore your wellbeing.


House of Liz Earle Beauty
Have you stayed in our House of Liz Earle Beauty? The coastal interiors have been curated by the Liz Earle Naturally Active team as your home-away-from-home. Their philosophy defines every detail of this light and airy coastal hideaway, each element carefully chosen to reflect their commitment to    natural beauty and wellbeing and a gentle and healthy lifestyle – a place for you to unwind, to read, sleep and be pampered.

We like to make life as simple and enjoyable as possible for our guests, and our Reception Team will help you make the most of your stay with us. Whether you’re looking to change your ferry booking, upgrade your cottage, book a taxi or local restaurant, or surprise someone special with a bottle of champagne – we’ll take care of every detail. Our expert team can also help recommend off-site activities including exploring the Island, the best local beaches, restaurants, cycle routes and walks.

Simply email our Reception Team or call 01983 760355, and we’ll do the rest!

To book one of our properties, please call our bookings partner, Sykes Cottages on 01983 216277 or click here