Cycle the Wight

The West Bay Country Club offers the most comprehensive Spinning programme on the Isle of Wight. It is no coincidence that the team behind the programme are all truly dedicated to their true passion – outdoor cycling. As well as improving cardiovascular fitness Spinning tones, strengthens and burns lots of calories. The West Bay Spinning team all use this fantastic exercise to train, especially when the outdoor elements are against them. We asked Steve Holloway to share his favourite outdoor cycle route with us…

Steve Holloway – Triathlete, Spinning Instructor, Trail Leader and Personal Trainer

Steve was a competing Triathlete for over 11 years who is now currently training to compete in the hugely gruelling Outlaw Triathlon, consisting of a 2.4mile swim, 112mile cycle and 26.2mile run. As part of his training, Steve, who takes 3 weekly Spinning classes, has been using the Spin sessions as an effective way of improving his fitness levels during the winter months when he’s not been able to train on his bike due to the poor weather.

Although Steve is hugely dedicated to his training and the sport of Triathlon, he’s biggest passion is mountain biking. Steve can be spotted out most weeks on his mountain bike and believes that nothing beats the freedom and exhilaration you get from mountain biking, particularly when it’s wet. For Steve, it’s a case of ‘the muddier, the better!’

Steve’s Mountain Bike Route

West Wight Downs – into Brighstone Forrest
Length: Approximately 27 – 30km
Level: Intermediate (including – technical single tracks as well as challenging climbs)
Profile: A mixed ride with some good challenging climbs, fast declines with some technical single tracks to enjoy.

“This ride is a personal favourite of mine. For me it highlights some of the best scenery and terrain the West Wight has to offer. It can be both physically demanding and technically challenging, particularly during the winter months when conditions can be somewhat unpredictable. This route starts from Yarmouth with a nice flat ride along the Causeway towards Freshwater Bay which is a great warm-up for the climbs ahead. Riding towards Newport, up over Freshwater Golf Course, it incorporates some really beautiful but physically challenging areas including Compton, Brighstone and Cheverton Downs culminating in an exciting single track section of the annual 8 hour endurance race the ‘Chevy Chas’. On the return, back along towards Limerstone Down, the ride deviates from the Tennyson Trail and takes in some additional fast and technical single track through Brighstone Forrest before descending down Compton Downs, along the Causeway, back to the start for a well-deserved drink. This ride will not fail to delight anyone wanting to challenge themselves in any weather. I do this route regularly as part of my training for The Outlaw Triathlon as it offers good cross-training and helps develop leg speed and short-term increases in pace.”

The West Bay Trail Leaders are available to take anyone out on a cycle ride and can cater for between 1 to 8 people at a time, and bikes are available for hire. Please call the team on 01983 766222 to find out more or pop by and speak to the team at the Country Club reception.